4 Best Power Bank under 1000 in India (August 2019)

You have landed in here to check the best power bank under 1000 right? Sure in this article let me take you through the 4 best power bank under 1000 in India right now.

Power banks are always a life saver for us during low charge on mobiles. One thing which we look in power bank is its battery capacity and also portability. So let me list out the power banks which is budget friendly, portable with better performance.

Mi Power Bank 2i (10000 mAH)

Mi Power Bank 2i is more popular among the power banks under Rs.1000. The Mi 2i power bank is made of Aluminium Alloy and CNC Edge with Lithium ion batteries.

The surface feels so premium and looks like matte finish. This power bank has a 10,000 mAH of battery capacity. Speaking about the design, it has dual fast charging output ports to charge two devices at a time. It also has got the low power mode button, enabling it will deliver low charge to the low charge needed devices.

The charging time takes anywhere around 5.5 to 6 hours with average charging adapter. It also charges in 4.5 hours quickly if you use an 18w charger. This Mi Power bank 2i is smart enough to adapt itself to input and outputs.

Speaking about it performance, you can charge any 4000 mah battery 2.5 times and 5000 mah battery minimum of 1.5 times. You also got indication lights to let know the amount of juice left inside.

Best Power Banks under 1000

Definitely an eye close purchase on my opinion. You can check out the product by clicking the buy button below.

  • Unique Stylish design
  • Very compact and portable
  • Dual fast charging outputs
  • Battery capacity could have been higher


Intex IT-PB11K Power Bank 

Another best power bank in this segment is the Intex IT-PM11K model. This is 11,000 mAH power bank. This product has amazing build quality and simple design

Let me cover it bit more detail, it has three 2.0 USB output ports for charging multiple devices. You also got power on/off button at top, while a led light at front. This LED light can be used when there is power cut and in dark places. You also get a micro usb cable to charge your power bank itself. The light indicators gives the battery juice left inside.

Best Power Banks under 1000

In terms of performance these are the technical aspect, the Power input DC 5V/2.1A and output 5V/1A, 5V/2A.

This power bank is one of the smart buy to get for yourself in 2019. You can buy this product by clicking the buy button below.

  • LED torch
  • Micro usb cable included in box
  • Three 2.0 usb ports
  • Very heavy
  • Bulky feel in hand


Zinq Technologies Z10KP Power Bank

The Zinc Z10KP power bank is compact device. The device has a sturdy look and design. Zing Z10KP has 10,000 mAH battery capacity more than sufficient to charge iphone 7 and Mi A2 devices 2.4 times and 2.2 times respectively.

Its compatible to charge any mobiles either. There are two ports to charge multiple devices. This also has dual charge technology by which you can charge the power bank and at same time the device too.

It takes nearly 5.30-6 hours for complete charge of this power bank. The device itself is very handy and can even be carried in pockets. The power bank is featured with 4 LED  lights which indicate the charge levels in it.

Best Power Banks under 1000

The performance is better, it can charge any phone around 2 to 2.5 hours. You also get a micro USB cable along with the box. It’s definitely a worth power bank to buy in 2019. You can check the product by clicking the button from below.

  • Curved edges and solid design
  • Quick charge 3.0 support
  • Light weight and Portable
  • Due to the size its hard to find if we keep it somewhere


Lenovo PA10400

Last but not least, you have an another ball in the bag its Lenovo PA10400. This power bank has a portable design and also very very light in weight. The build design is very satisfying and good to handle.

This power bank has 10,400 mAH of battery capacity, 400 mah higher than its competitors at this price. You also get an micro usb cable along the box. You have two colour varient (white and black) in this power bank.

Speaking up about the performance, it has two usb output ports. It is compatible with smartphones,music players and also tablets. So this power bank is a definite life changer.

Best Power Banks under 1000

As low end device like mp3/mp4 players only need low power, the Lenovo PA10400 can change its power output according to device connected. The 4 small indicators reflect the charge in the power bank. Any mobile with 4000 mah can be full charged atleast 2.2 times.

This buy is also one of the best that you can pick around in 2019 and also in years to come. Check out the product by clicking the button below.

  • Protects from over charge,discharge
  • Multiple devices support
  • Intelligent power control chip inside
  • Quality is decent
  • No indication of completion of charging


So these are the Best Power Banks under 1000 in 2019 that I have come across. Hope this content could have given you an idea to choose best among best. Also make sure to check out our other contents like below:

Must Read FAQ:

Que. How to choose a right and Best Power Bank?
Ans. Before buying any power bank, there are few things to consider which is the best power bank for you. Those include as follows

  • Make sure of the Battery Capacity of power bank.
  • Check the Battery Type of the power bank, preferrable would be (Li-Po/Li-Ion)
  • Number Of Output Ports must also be considered
  • Accidental drop and Protection for the power bank
  • The Portability & Design of any power bank is very important
  • Most important, the Budget of your power bank
  • Brand is also given importance for power bank warranty
  • Service of power bank

Que. What is Li-Ion and Li-Poly?
Ans. These are the type of batteries used in the power banks and other devices. The Li-Ion means Lithium-Ion Batteries and Li-Poly Means Lithium Polymer batteries.

Que. Between Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer power banks which one is better?
Ans: The Lithium Polymer batteries technology is more advanced and better.

Advantages of Li-Poly Batteries:

  • It makes Batteries slimmer
  • Batteries can make in any shape.
  • Light in weight
  • Increase output Efficiency
  • Give higher conversion rate
  • Safer than Li-Ion Batteries.

By reading of the power bank F.A.Q now you can choose the Best Power Bank under 1000 from the above listed power bank collection. More contents down the lane, do check them out.

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