New Whatsapp Tricks in 2020 You should know!

In this post you will find the some new Whatsapp tricks in 2020 that few many not know. These tips and tricks will make you go WOW!.

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This particular app help you to find tracking of particular person when he/she is online and offline. The whatslog completely tracks will exact timing for day and night separately.

Install the app and grant all the necessary permission that the app asks. Now it will ask you to enter the person whatsapp number which you wanted to track. Enter the number along with the country code.

eg: +91 9XXXXXXXXX

Then it will prompt for a name that you wish to give. Once done give OK and proceed. That it! You are all set to track the person Online status.

Whatslog Link:

2. 2nd Line:

If you wish to prank your friends from a foreign number check this app. Once you install register with any random email id[ no need to verify] and set a password.

Now you will be given 5 free random foreign number for free. You can make calls or message with that number.

Use that number in a parallel whatsapp and prank your friends today. Let me know many people you pranked in the comments below.

2nd Line App Link:

3. WhatsBubble:

Many may wish to have bubble chat for Whatsapp like facebook messenger right? If so I have got you covered.

Whatsbubble let you have bubble chat for whatsapp. Once you install the app, grant the necessary permission for it to work.

Once done, now if someone sends you a whatsapp text you will start getting whatsapp bubbles at your phone side screen. Also an additional spolier you can can the colours of bubbles by throwing the bubble chat to other side of phone screen.

Whatsbubble App link:

Hope you enjoy the apps for Whatsapp. Do try and let me know your thoughts on this. If you want to see few more new Whatsapp tricks in 2020 check the below video.

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