Check if Youtube Notification is sent to Subscribers?

Youtube Notification problem has been a long term unfixed issue. Many of us would have thrashed youtube for this. But now in this article, I will show you how to check if your Youtube notifications are sent to your Subscribers.

Youtube’s new update has paved way for this. Now you can find how many subscribers have got your Youtube Notification.

To check Youtube Notification do the below

  • Login to your chrome Browser
  • Open new Youtube creator studio not the classic one
  • Now you can find Video option( Below Dashboard option)
  • Hover over the video where you can find analytics of particular video
  • On clicking new pages opens and select Reach option
  • Now scroll down you will find an option called “Bell Notifications Sent”
Youtube Notification

This shows you how many subscribers are notified about your video. Also it provides details about CTR of the video.

More over you can also see how much views you got from notifications. Hope this article was useful to analyze your details on Youtube notifications for your videos.

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